**Please read info below regarding the current status of vacuum formers** 


Our vacuum former has had great success and popularity over the last six months.  A lot of that success is as a result of the build quality and attention to detail that goes into each hand built former.  However, the build quality is also the former’s biggest drawback as it limits the number of formers that can be built in a week’s time.  The amount of time and care required in building each former makes it extremely difficult to produce the formers any faster than a few each week.  I have streamlined production as much as possible.  I even outsourced some of the production at one point but that had its own issues as well.   As a result of this and in an attempt to keep up with demand, it has required me basically work 18-20 hour days for the last six months without any time off.

  This has left little time to spend with family and do the things that most that many of us take for granted.  Many of my other responsibilities have been neglected also.  Hard work is fine if there is both a personal and a financial reward for all that hard work.  However, the financial reward is meager and does not allow the flexibility to do things like adding more employees, better equipment and a larger shop.  All these things are needed if the vacuum former business is to continue to grow and the current pricing of the former will just not allow those things to happen.  Quite frankly, the personal costs of building the wooden formers are just not worth the financial reward.  For these reasons, I have decided to discontinue production of the oak vacuum formers effective Friday, March 21st, 2014.

I plan to take some much needed time off to spend with family and focus on those things that really matter.  After that I will continue making holsters as I was when I started this journey. 

   Customers who currently own one of my vacuum formers will continue to receive product support and be able to purchase jigs and membranes from the website.  All paid orders with an order number have been completed and shipped out.    No additional orders for formers will be taken as all the materials in our inventory have been depleted to fill the orders. 

I have a lot of ideas that I just have not had time to work on and I think this change will allow me to do that.  I also look forward to making holsters again.   I am excited about what the future holds and I have enjoyed meeting and talking to every one of you and appreciate the patronage. 


UPDATE 3/28/14

Many of you have contacted me and requested information on how to build my former design or requested to purchase plans to build the vacuum former.  Many have offered to pay extra if I would build just one more former.  Please understand I am receiving dozens of these emails each day in addition to normal customer support emails from people who have previously purchased a former.  I am simply unable to respond to all these e-mails and give an in depth reply as to how to build the vacuum former.  I do not have construction plans available to sell.   There is a lot of steps involved in building the former.  I did not want to stop building the formers, but the amount of time involved in building them left no other option.  Should you decide to try and build my vacuum former design, you will find out for yourself the amount of time it takes to gather all the materials and the amount of time it takes to build and trouble shoot any leaks.  As a result of all your e-mails and questions, I have decided that in a few weeks I will post a video on youtube that shows all the construction of the vacuum former, additional details,  and discuss the reasons as to why it works the way it does.   Please be patient as it will take a few weeks for me to get this completed.


Press on,


Blue Light Tactical