*** While trying to edit a small clip in the Youtube video showing how to build the PVC vacuum former, it became corrupted and we were forced to remove it and upload it again.  Therefore, if you saved it as a favorite link, it is no longer there.  The video is still on Youtube and can be found by searching for it or by clicking the link below.    A lot of you are using this video as a guide to build your own former and we realize that.  The video will remain on youtube and is NOT being pulled down.  While this is unfortunate, we will take this opportunity to make a few changes to the video and post a new updated version of it soon.   Here is the link to the video:

Build your own Vacuum Former


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(2) Silicone Membranes for BLT II PVC DIY Build w/ free Plans Premium Silicone Rubber Membrane for Original BLT Vacuum Former Vacuum former replacement gasket
(2) Silicone Membranes for BLT II PVC DIY Build w/ free PlansPremium Silicone Rubber Membrane for Original BLT Vacuum FormerVacuum former replacement gasket

As seen on youtube. This package includes two 18 x 26 high temperature premium silicone membranes with which to build the vacuum former shown in the video. One membrane is actually used for the build itself and the second membrane is for you to...

These silicone membranes are for the original oak vacuum former design. They measure 18 x 18. Our premium membranes are rated to 500 degrees and offer superior elongation and flexibility to allow for the best detail possible. These membranes WILL...

This is the rubber gasket material to fit the original BLT Oak wooden vacuum former.